Sunday, April 5, 2009

Toward a Claim Instead of a Disclaimer

Biofeedback and biometrics have improved my health. A balanced sense of myself and a growing record of various measurements have proven valuable in setting goals. I talk with my physicians when I have questions. I'm not a doctor and while I have gotten second opinions on important issues, tend to follow a path western medicine recognizes. You should too.

Biofeedback is powerful. It fits into medicine in ways that are increasingly important and likely to be considered as our health care industry evolves. Research is important guide to my own considerations and I want to share this fact: Diet/nutrition and exercise/fitness are more significant health improvement variables than biofeedback.

In the case of disease, biofeedback might be a part of a treatment plan in a supervised medical program. Improvements to a condition would be much more likely to occur with focus on diet and fitness applied after primary interventions which might include surgery, medication, or a variety of therapies appropriate to the condition.

Claims aside, the following page from a personal biofeedback trainer might give you greater insight into benefits:

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