Monday, April 20, 2009

On-Board Biofeedback

"It's a modern medical twist on an ancient art. Scientists at Draper Laboratory, in Cambridge, MA, are developing a nanosensor that could be injected into the skin, much like tattoo dye, to monitor an individual's blood-sugar level."

The Draper Laboratories Press release, and the Technology Review article quoted above.

Philips is looking for feedback as they explore embedded applications:

"The Electronics Tattoo film expresses the visual power of sensitive technology applied to the human body. The film subtly leads the viewer through the simultaneous emotional and aesthetic transformations between two lovers."

Slightly less intimate, MyHeart focuses on health apparel.

Consider for a moment pulse monitoring, also "on-board", and the essential value of biofeedback. Attention is focused by all these techniques and recording is available by photograph, notes, and even data capture. What is the significance of realtime display? Are these biofeedback futures simply an improved mood ring - more chatter and data in our environment when opening the door to benefits depends upon a stillness of the mind.

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