Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Quantified Self discussions aside, we seem to have the absolute best possible equipment, sensors, processors, support systems "on-board". A coronary ablation successfully cleared up static on my body network enabling astonishing awareness of feelings, sensations, emotions, and moods. With intention, mindful habits assist productive reflection.

Discrete real-time sonification of heart rate variability is still intriguing especially as it might inform the interaction between individuals. This symphonic interplay of mother and fetal heartbeats crystalized that, but creating a meaningful shared information "display" - not there yet.

Steve, possessing significant audio knowledge and sharing content for life's little lessons contributed:

Sound, sight, heartbeat, GSR, touch, motion all related? Very low frequency? (trance music genre now a fad) I do get quite a kick from loud music, loud drums and bass, and violent dancing.
Auditory processing capability of brain, I believe, is more significant than documented to date.

In the link below, click on "animated display" of amount of brain mapped to vision, sound, and
integration of both together. Visual listening for humans, Audio vision for dolphins.

My fraternity brother was studying this at MIT early 1960's.

He demonstrated that we could hear up to 100 Khz by biting a stick and inserting it into a glass of water with a hydrophone emitting high frequency sound. It is now well known that nonlinearity of air propagation renders ultrasound frequencies beating together with sidebands separated by frequency differences of audible frequencies is easily audible.

That latter phenomenon is unrelated to the former. The former implies that our own hearing may have first developed early on when our ancestors lived in water. (and part of it is now "vestigial")

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