Monday, May 9, 2011

Heart Rate Variability as a Consumer

More on HRV explorations will certainly follow. It was good work finding parts, making connections, searching the massive amount of information and knowledge in what seemed an obscure yet available indicator of internal state. While there seem to be thousands of people working, playing, and studying HRV, several companies are providing services and equipment. I chose HeartMath's emWave and  am very happy with my time vs. money decision, progress, learning, understanding and appreciation were efficiently served.

The screen shot shows one session's results. Real time feedback comes in a number of display choices,

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  1. Highest ranked skeptic viewpoints discussion site:

    Interested in two-person, two displays shared, works well on netbooks but still looking for a sonification system. There is a slider adjustable file processing system for SoundCollider and finding a method for processing the real-time signals from either a wireless Polar audio in 1mv pulse or the earclip sensor and signal shaping USB HID of the eMwave is caught up in programming learning curve. Getting something working is always 2 weeks away with entertaining side trips diverting attention.

    If you have SC experience, give a price for your work, hope this finds you well.


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