Sunday, January 31, 2010

OMHE - Being Monitoring in Open Source

This is the future. Read more:

OMHE (Open Mobile Health Exchange): A Microsyntax for Devices, Machines, & Humans:

OMHE (Open Mobile Health Exchange), pronounced "ooommm" is an open-source microsyntax for text messaging (mobile SMS), Twitter®, medical devices, and other "short text capable" systems. It is a community work product of Its called OMHE because its the nirvana of health, free, and simple.

OMHE follows the basic syntax:




So the '=' sign is optional to make it easy to work on a telephone keypad when needed. For example, to report weight (either automatically reported by a scale or by human, you could say things like.




The examples above illustrate two ways of communicating the same piece of information, 'weight'.

Use OMHE as format for sending blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, pedometer readings, pain levels, and other common information exchanged between people, health care providers and medical devices.

OMHE is designed to be easily typed on a mobile phone, while at the same time, easy for computers to read, write, and understand (i.e. machine readable/writeable).

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