Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Keeping Track of Yourself - Easy Works

Wii Fit data logging is a motivator for me. A body measurement is a daily goal and the results are habit forming. The system got a daily Yoga habit started, but I rarely go back to the balance board for a check up anymore, the internal check in is more meaningful. The need for a notebook for daily logging contrasts with the automatic record-keeping of the Wii.

One of my weight/BMI graphs:

During the blank period, it was easy to keep a weight log. The variation during the day fluctuated but a pattern was easy to see. With the Wii, an explanation for the 2-3 pound shifts at the same time each day are not easy to explain and cross-checking with the digital scale is hard to reconcile. Point is the long term patterns are most important and you can't see them if you don't keep track.

There are lots of ways to keep notes and how to record feedback of the instruments available is a major issue. I think your cell phone will be a bigger help in the near future, but LifeHacker suggests some other resources until the future arrives. See: Six Easy Ways to Graph Your Life.

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